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Erosion Control Options

Turf Establishment: Often the simplest and most effective way to control minor erosion problems is to establish and maintain a thick and healthy turf. This process can include grading an area to reduce the degree of a slope, seeding to develop new grass growth, and fertilizing to promote the growth of existing turf.

Retaining Wall Construction: Retaining walls can be used as an effective erosion control solution as they will hold back soil that is eroding away. When creating a retaining wall for erosion control purposes, it is important to properly design and install the wall so that it does not cause further drainage problems and so that it is able to effectively control the soil and water.

Drainage System: For areas where poor drainage is causing erosion problems, the first erosion control step should be to create a drainage system that properly collects water and directs it to the appropriate location. This may include the use of down spout drainage systems, French drains, or catch basins. By controlling and eliminating excessive water runoff and controlling hillside water flow, you can often successfully eliminate and control many erosion problems.

Special Erosion Control Products: For serious erosion control problems that cannot be addressed with simpler solutions, there are a variety of special erosion control products that can be used to prevent soil erosion and control rainwater runoff. The types of erosion control products that we can utilize to address your erosion control problems include silt fences, geosynthetics, straw mats, gabions, erosion blankets, rip rap rocks, and ADS pipe products.

‚ÄčDepending on the degree and severity of your erosion problems, we can utilize a variety of erosion control options in order to address and resolve your problems. If you would like to learn more about any of these options, please contact us for your free consultation.

As water from rain or irrigation systems travels down slopes, it erodes soil and washes pesticides and fertilizers into waterways. If these slopes are in your yard, erosion can ruin your landscape design by carving gullies and uprooting your plants. Erosion control strategies that help keep your yard intact include installing rain gardens, applying mulch, planting soil-stabilizing vegetation and building structures, such as retaining walls and terraces.